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Awana meets every Friday night from 6:00—8:00 during the school year (you might want to call first) for ages 3 through 6th grade. The Awana Team is a group of the most fun people you'll find anywhere!

Awana is a nondenominational ministry that assists churches in reaching children and teenagers with the gospel of Jesus Christ and training them to serve Him. It is a ministry that is all about fun with a purpose — to win and grow kids for Christ!

The acronym Awana comes from the first letters of Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed which is taken from the Bible in 2 Timothy 2:15 which says, “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.”

Awana began in 1950 as a youth program at the North Side Gospel Center in Chicago, Illinois. Lance Latham, the church pastor, worked with Art Rorheim to develop a program that would appeal to young people, reach them with the gospel of Christ and train them in the Lord’s work. Other churches heard about the success of the Awana program and asked if they could use it. By 1960, Awana had registered 900 clubs. If you would like more information on AWANA, please click HERE

Today, there are more than 10,000 churches in the United States that have Awana clubs. There are clubs in all 50 states. Awana can also be found in over 3,000 churches in 110 other countries.


Clear, consistent presentation of the gospel.

Bible memory – our cornerstone.

Circle games exclusive to Awana

A fun approach to learning God’s Word

Leadership training that is second to none

The church leaders of tomorrow trained to serve today

Evangelistic focus designed to reach unchurched youth and their families

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CC Angels

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Calvary Chapel Angels is a ministry of Calvary Chapel, dedicated to sharing hope with willing hands and loving hearts to our seniors and those homebound.

1st Timothy 5:8 says: But if anyone doest not provide for his own, and espesially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

What CC angels consist of is of the following:

* Run errands

* Meal Preparation

* House-cleaning

*Fellowship or any need that we're equipped to handle.

For more information about our Ministry or to set up an "In Home" Assesment, please contat

Sandy Griggs at (860) 367-0830

Heidi Worthington at (860) 642- 6563

If you are looking for an opportunity to serve please consider becoming a part of this caring Ministry. Give us a call- we would love to have you.

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Childrens Ministry

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“Putting Children in Touch With God.”

Children at Calvary Chapel are a number one priority. They are a present blessing and our future hope. We are thankful for all of the children that God brings to the church and we’re prayerful that each one will come into a dynamic relationship with the living God. Our children’s church and Sunday School program is going somewhere. We have a goal.

In many ways our vision for children is no different than our vision for adults. We hope to have the best taught, most loved, effective in school and community children possible. We have a wonderful team of committed, faithful and informed teachers for all our children’s ministries. We are constantly reviewing and re-evaluating our programs to insure that they are accomplishing our goals.

The vision of our church is characterized by the consistent verse by verse teaching through the entire Bible. We believe that the Bible teaches us who God is and how He would be worshipped. Our goal is to teach the Bible to the children God has entrusted to us.

Nursery, Pre-School and Kindergarten

Our nursery and pre-school are staffed by volunteer parents and church members. In order to serve in any of our children's ministries we require an application with personal references and is subject to background checks. We are eager to provide the highest levels of security and safety for the children in our midst. Parents using the nursery are approached to occasionally share in the care of the children participating.

We have a pre-school class and kindergarten class during adult worship. Our worship services are designed with adults in mind and our children's classes are designed with age appropriate lessons.

1st thru 6th Grade

When a child in the church enters first grade they begin a journey through the entire Bible that will take them six years. Week after week the teachers teach the children book by book through the Bible. Classes occasionally break from the routine of going book by book through the Bible doing special studies and projects during Christmas season, Easter, Mother’s Day, special programs of evangelism or guest ministries. The consistent overall program however is the consistent teaching of the Word of God.

Sunday Mornings at 8:00 am - Child care only is available for under 5 yrs. of age at this Service.

9:30 & 11:15 am Service - Children Four years old through 6th grade will begin their class immediately in the "Kids Live" worship area downstairs, from which they will go to their respective classes.

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Hands Of Youth

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Hands of Youth 6th through 12th grade. Christian Service, We are excited about providing opportunities for the youth to develop their Christian experience by getting involved in service.

As we serve we display the character and love of God, for in the servant we meet the One whos sacrifices Himself for the good of all mankind.

John 13:5 says After that He poured water into a basin and began to wash His Disciples feet, drying them with a towel that was wraooed around Him. We too are called to be servants, walking in 'Jesus' steps.

What Hands Of Youth is an opportunity for young adults to get the Word of God and have fun while doing it. So that they can see their calling is different for each and every person that goes to sunday school.

Come and Join Us! And Have Fun! Learning the Word of our Lord Jesus Christ!

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Marriage Ministry

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Mens Ministry

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We have a group of men that meet every Thursday night for a time of praise and worship. Also they go through various books and discuss what they read. It is a time of fellowship and gathering for men and young men to get together and talk about how God has affected their lives. Come On Out! We Would Be Glad To Have You!

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New Commendment Mens Ministry

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The New Commandment Mens Ministry at Calvary Chapel serves people with long term needs in our church and community. The men form teams to permanently adopt the widowed, single parents and disabled.

Teams are normally comprised of four men each and each man is asked to donate three hours of time, one Saturday morning a month, from seven to ten. On a typical service day, all the teams meet at the church for prayer and bible study from seven to eight a.m. Then they break up into their preassigned teams and go and work in the home of their care reciever from eight to ten a.m.

The Men do basic chores around the home such as fix leaky faucets, clean windows, haul trash etc. At the end of their time, the men gather around their care reciever and pray with him or her. Each month, the team returns to the same care receiver, so their ministry to him or her extends over months and years.

No skills are necessary to serve in this ministry, but men with trucks are especially welcome! Contact Dave Allen at (860)444-4000 or email at

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Out Reach

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Why Do Overseas Missions When There is So Much Need at Home?

Our church since its inception has put a priority on “missions.” The word missions doesn’t appear in the Bible, but the concept does. I have a friend that uses the term “world evangelization.” I think that better describes what missions is. When people hear that some friends are moving to other places and foreign lands and that money is being sent to people and places we know little about, the question is frequently asked, “why do we support ministries there when there is so much need at home?” It’s a question that deserves an answer. We’ll give two reasons.

First, missions (or world evangelization) is not about need, but obedience. At the end of each Gospel and in the beginning of the book of Acts we find Jesus telling His disciples to “Go.” Obedience to Jesus Christ includes going, telling and making disciples. In fact primary obedience seems to have more to do with the spreading of the Gospel than it does with personal growth. As we “abide in Christ” and submit to the work of the Holy Spirit, He will conform us to His Image. An obedient Christian and an obedient church “goes.”

In the 1600’s a group known as the Moravians took this command seriously and attempted to “tithe” their congregations to the cause of world missions. They attempted to send one out of ten of their people to those who were without a Gospel witness. They also started a prayer meeting, that went on seven days a week, twenty four hours a day. This prayer meeting actually continued for one hundred years. In order for missions to be successful, it requires deliberate action on the part of the leaders and the people. Our tendency is to think about ourselves. God wants us to think about others and be outward. He’ll take care of us.

The second answer to the question, “why do we support ministries there when there is so much need at home?” is that the need at home isn’t as great as we might be lead to believe. Jesus boiled the law, the Ten Commandments and the Christian lifestyle down to two commands. One, “love the Lord with all of your heart, all of your mind, all of your heart and all of your strength.” The second He said was just like that, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” James tells us that true religion and undefiled before the Father is this: To visit widows and orphans in their affliction and to keep yourself unstained from the world.”

We live in the United States and if you’ve had the opportunity to travel throughout the world, you know there is no place like the USA. We live in the lap of luxury. No doubt we are a nation blessed by God. America also for the last several hundred years has been the primary missionary sending agency in the world. God has given us great wealth, but even wealth is a stewardship. If we use what He has given us for His purposes, we are obedient and He is honored.

Today the United States has 90% of all the full-time Christian workers in the world, but only comprises less than 5% of the world’s population. The other 95% percent of the world spreads about 10% of the full-time Christian workers. There are literally billions of people in the world who have yet to hear a clear presentation of the Gospel. Many people groups have not had the Bible translated into their native tongues. Yet, we have over a hundred “Study Bibles” to choose from and a great number of translations. We even argue over which translation is best. Millions of people could not go to a church if they wanted to . There are none near them. Millions die daily never having heard the mention of the name of Jesus.

The United States is unbelievably wealthy. I remember one time sitting in the home of a pastor in Bluefields, Nicaragua. I was wearing a pair of Wolverine work-boots that I paid $70 for. As I was sitting there, he was telling me about the gracious hand of God towards their ministry. He told me how month after month the Lord had provided the $35 rent required for the house he was living in that doubled as the church. A moment later, his attention turned to my shoes. “Wow, those are really nice boots,” he said, “what does something like that cost?” I was so embarrassed and mumbled out, hoping he wouldn’t actually hear me, when I had to state that my shoes cost two months rent. I left my boots there.

A pastor friend of mine in Nicaragua once told me that of all of the people working with the church there, many of whom received no salary at all, had never been on a retreat or a vacation. Ever. He said that in their lifetime they probably never would.

In the United States many of us, make in a week, what a banker in the third world would make in a year. Many of the products he buys cost the same as what you pay. The life expectancy in many of these nations is short. Some only expect to make it into their 50’s, possibly their 60’s. Naked children is normal in many developing nations. Food is simple and bought daily.

Jesus said we should, “Work while it is still day, because the night is coming when no man can work.” We have such a great opportunity before us. Let’s do what we can do to make His Name known and show mercy to those we can show mercy to while we still have opportunity.


Apologia (Apologetics Ministry) Calvary Christian Family Orphanage Haiti Camp of Worship Care-Net (Crisis Pregnancy Center) Cecilia Shitaco (Greece) Cuban Pastors (6 Indigenous Pastors) Eti Abar (Indigenous Christian Worker - Azerbaijan) Emily Jerome (Mexico) Faith2Faith Ministries (Evangelism) For Zion’s Sake (To Worldwide Jewish Community) Gospel for Asia (25 Indigenous Missionaries) Haiti Orphanage (Port O Prince, Haiti) Hani Faoud (Arabic Outreach in Spain) John Powell (Church Planting – Willimantic) Jered Murphy (Church Planting – Naugatuck) Kelly & Michelle O’Donnell (Missionary Care) Local Benevolence Nehemiah Ministries (Persecuted church in Eritrea) New Commandment Men’s Ministry(Good Works Locally) Ron & Gillian Flores (Central Asia Leadership Development) Ross Caplet (Campus Crusade for Christ – Buffalo) Ryan Griggs (Manchester England) Safe Harbor International (Relief Ministry) Samaritans Purse (Operation Christmas Child) Shepherds Staff Missions Facilitators (Missionary Care) Shield of Faith (Police Chaplaincy) Spark the Dark Radio Network Teen Challenge New Haven (Christian Drug Rehab) Val Gordon (Inter-Varsity Campus Ministry) Willing Heart Helping Hands (CC Uncasville based Relief, Response & Development)

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Small Groups

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Every Friday Night there is Youth Group from 6-8pm for both 7-9 and 10—12 grade. We’ve assembled a great team of workers and are committed to equipping youth to live for God in the midst of a world that puts a lot of pressure on them to do otherwise.

* Jr. High Sunday Morning Discipleship Classes. Each year we work with the Jr High to establish their faith in the historic roots of Christianity as well as attempting to help them begin to own and walk out the Christian life for themselves. Each year we cover a variety of topics under the following headings:


“Know What You Believe.” A survey of Christian believers and doctrine. Students are told that they can be baptized at the end of the Sunday School year to publicly express their faith in Jesus Christ.


“Know Why You Believe.” A study of the why’s, difficult and frequently asked questions about Christianity. This class takes an apologetics approach, teaching and training students to give reasonable answers to reasonable questions.


“Live What You Know.” This year we encourage the students to active witnesses and to take ownership of their own Christian life, teaching them the value of personal devotions, personal Bible Study methods, giving, serving, sexual ethics, consistent church attendance and personal witnessing.


High School students meet every Thursday Night to study the Bible together, to pray, to encourage each other and to attempt to be effective Christians in an otherwise hostile world.

In addition to our regular meetings together, we meet throughout the year for outreaches, retreats, special times of worship and prayer together. We have discipleship groups where students can dig deeper in the Word of the God and the Christian life if they desire.


In addition to making various missions opportunities available to teens, we also sponsor a group trip every summer somewhere in the world and invite our teens to participate.

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Ushers / Greeters

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Use your gifts, talents, time, energy and passion to serve God! The opportunities are endless! We would really love for you to join the team!

Here are samples of some opportunities to serve:

AFFINITY GROUP LEADER: Lead a group based around a common interest: Hiking, knitting, motorcycle rides, community service, book discussion groups. If you like to do it, chances are somebody else does as well. A great way to interact with other believers and invite friends to a church activity!

ARTISTS: We have needs in all of the arenas of the creative arts. If you can draw, paint, sculpt, write poems, sing, take pictures, act, or any other creative art, we would love to see some of those gifts used to serve God, the church and people!

BIBLE STUDY LEADERS: We're a church. That's what we do, we study the Bible and then try to live it! We even occasionally have classes that teach people how to study the Bible and how to lead Bible studies.

BOOK, TAPE & CD TABLE ATTENDANTS: We really want to put resources that draw people to God and help people grow in the faith into people's hands. We need folks to come a and help us duplicate tapes and Cd's, to make copies and to help hand them out. There's a place for you. We would love for you to help!

BUDGET COUNSELORS: If you have skills in helping people make budgets, there is a huge need to help folks manage their money so they can manage their lives. We occasionally run financial management classes as well.


CARPENTERS & BUILDERS: If you can build, swing a hammer, cut a board, we are in constant need of you! It seems we are always working on some project, large or small. Let us know you're available and we'll find you some opportunities to serve that will make a world of difference!

CLASSROOM HELPERS: We have the greatest teachers in the world training our young people. Helpers are always welcomed. Let us know if you're interested and we'll get you a packet of information. We screen all our children's workers, including doing background checks and references.

CLEAN-UP CREWS: We're always doing something and making a big mess of ourselves. If you are available on occasion to help us clean up after events, you have no idea what a big blessing you could be!! Let us know if that's you!!

CLOWNS: Clowns have a way of opening people up. If you're a clown, you've come to the right place!

COFFEE SERVICE: Between 9:30 & 11:15 services... It's so easy, anyone can do it!


COMPUTER HELP: We use computers for everything. Whatever you're skill level, we can use it. Let us know what you like to do and when you can help. We'll get you busy.

CRISIS RESPONSE: F.F. Bruce in his book "The Spreading Flame said, "The church was created for catastrophe." We are constantly responding to people in need in a variety of crisis situations, from hurricanes to deaths in the family to people finding themselves surprised by life. Join our team and we'll get you involved in helping people in their time of need.
























































WORSHIP LEADERS (Adults, Teens & Children):


Church Volunteer Schedules

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Volunteer Schedule

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Coffee Schedules Click Here

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Safety Team Schedules Click Here

Sunday School Lessons Click Here

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Womans Ministry

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Young Adults

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